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Ken Kennedy

Ken Kennedy
Excel NE
Cottage on orchard Island, near Pointe at Baril, ON (Georgian Bay)

As we are on a rocky island, 7 miles from the marina, we were looking at about a $20,000 bill to install an approved septic system. I met Sun-Mar at the Cottage Life show and signed up for the Show Special. As hydro has not invaded our island yet, we chose the NE model. We installed it in a purpose-built building.

That year, the cottage was very well used and we found that Sun-Mar's recommended capacity was accurate. So, the next year we bought a second NE and installed it in an edifice liberated from the construction site of a cottage being converted to year round. Our installations cost a fraction of a conventional system and produces excellent compost for our small flower garden.

The Sun-Mar staff have always answered queries in a prompt and useful manner.

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