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mike grasser

Mike Grasser
Summer Cottage, Muskoka Region, Ontario

Our camp is situated on 250 acres of land in Muskoka, electricity is over a mile away so everything is pretty primitive and simple. With the construction of our 10' X 12' cabin we found that we were now spending more and more time at the 'cottage' and our waste issues needed to be addressed. As Children we had experienced the out house and that brought back memories that we wish we would soon forget. Another alternative was needed. We visited the 'Cottage Life Show' 3 years ago and came across the composting toilet concept. After some research we had decided upon the Sun Mar design and purchased an Excel-NE as we felt that it was a better concept and product in our opinion from all the rest.

We built another shed to house this unit and put it to work. Installation was extremely easy as well as the set up. We were surprised at the lack of smell from the unit (the main point) as well as the easy of maintaining it. Since we only use it on weekends in the summer and a few weekends in winter, it requires very very little in the way of maintenance. Keeping it clean using the supplied solution, rotating the drum at the end of the weekend and periodical cleaning of the composting chamber is all that is required. Now the finished composted waste looks, feels, and smells like rich loam earth.

We would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a low cost, environmental solution to their waste problem. No septic tanks to be pumped out. No worry about environmental impact of an out house. And surprisingly...no flies, which one might think you would get. Get one, you'll love it!

You may print our testimonial on your web site or any other form of advertising as we truly believe your product is that good. Thank you very much.








Grasser Excel NE Composting Toilet