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pat & Jim godsey

Pat & Jim Godsey
Excel NE
Installed at Residence in the Wisconsin Northwoods

When my husband Jim and I retired to our hunting cabin in the Wisconsin Northwoods, we decided to simplify our lifestyle. He built a small building about 8' from our 25' by 25' A-frame, to use as a bathroom and shower house, and we installed the Excel-NE unit you see pictured.

In 4 years of daily use, we have had no problems with our composting toilet. In fact, we are delighted with it! There is absolutely no odor, to the surprise of our "downstate", city visitors. The compost is sprinkled near our plentiful trees, bushes and flowers and dug in to enrich our sand/clay soil. It improves our soil.

Thank you so much for your composting toilets! We have only a small wood burner to heat our cabin and cold water to the house, but that miraculous Excel-NE is a luxury we surely enjoy!

Yours Truly,

Pat & Jim Godsey







Godsey Excel-NE Composting Toilet