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Kathy Escott & Bob Cremins

Kathy Escott & Bob Cremins
Installed in Primary Residence in Oregon

Related to the four photos:

1) Kathy Escott, retired teacher and Bob Cremins, children's book illustrator.

2) Our house is a large octagonal room with several rooms that wrap around the octagon. The 6' x 5 1/2' addition on the right contains the toilet and some antiques. Our bathing room with tub and sink is about 6 steps away in the main house.

3) The Sun-Mar Excel high capacity toilet, installed in the winter of 2000. Our nearest neighbors, the Reames family, ordered the same model when they saw ours (and heard how much we liked it.) There's just the two of us living here, but we have parties and guests and lots of neighbor kids who love to come visit us.

We've not had any problems, except for visiting children occasionally stuffing the drum with too much toilet paper. But we're training them. I tell them if they are careful with the t.p., I will let them turn the big handle on the toilet. The Excel is easy to clean, makes the compost quickly and efficiently, and doesn't waste our precious well water.

4) The poem, Ode on a Sun-Mar throne, hangs on the wall across from the toilet. Visitors ask, "So, how do I use your composting toilet"? To make it simple, I say, "Just sit and read the poem"! I've attached the poem for you to read, too.

(Editor's note - poem available for download, in PDF format, in a printable version - looks best on a color printer, but black and white will do).


Kathy Escott & Bob Cremins

The Escott Residence

Ode On A Sun-Mar Throne

The Escott Excel