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deborah bigelow

Deborah Bigelow
Centrex 1000, Excel
Island Camp in ME

We purchased a Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 for our island camp in eastern Maine which has been happily established and composting since then. That model we installed in a small outbuilding, and is pictured in the two photos.

Since we were so pleased with that one, and feeling we needed to provide additional toilet facilities for larger groups visiting, we have installed this summer a new Sun-Mar Excel. This self-contained unit has gone into another small cabin adjoining a kitchen and bedroom. With your new advice and the new peat mix and "Compost Quick", we are getting the unit going.

We have been glad for the new information on the mix, and are now adding pine shavings (not cedar). We had tried buckwheat shells last year also, which were quite expensive. We would be glad to be on your "referral list" as we are definitely pleased with your products. Previously we had a "two holer" of the old-fashioned variety. Our friends and family are glad we've moved up.



Sealand toilet on Platform

WCM Composting Toilet System enclosure